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RES seeks to be a power for good in the communities that neighbour our projects by working openly and constructively to ensure sensitive design and tangible local benefits. Local communities benefit from having a RES project in their area in a number of ways.

Local Business

RES tries to ensure that, wherever reasonably practicable, local contractors and employees are used in all aspects of wind farm development. The major opportunity lies during the construction phase when suitably qualified local firms are identified and invited to bid for different aspects of construction, such as foundation laying and electrical works. Construction materials are normally sourced locally (i.e. within the county) and local transport and plant hire companies used wherever possible.

Local Income

Expenditure in the local economy during the development, construction and operation of wind farm projects in UK varies from project to project as a function of various factors, including project size, duration and availability of local suppliers. In recent years, we have seen typical spend with local stakeholders, suppliers and service providers in the region of £279,000 per wind turbine during the development, construction and first year of project operation. In some cases it has been possible to significantly improve on this number. RES estimates for Upper Ogmore Wind Farm a local spend of approximately £1.9 million in the area. Expenditure in the local community continues throughout the operational phase of the project.